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Kathy Troidle and David Jackson

Where we started and where we are today are as different as night and day. It is not by chance. It is not by luck. We had specific goals for the life we wanted, and we are actively pursuing them!


We are coming to a time of change when what matters to us is helping other people succeed. Kathy loves guiding people on their health journey with the experiences of her own progress. David likes helping small business grow.

Web sites and Digital Marketing - Insight 2 Website

Most entrepreneurs want to carry out their passion, not build and maintain their own web site. Small business owners are caught in a double-bind: they know they need to get the word out, engaging their customers with social media, but who has the time?

David takes this challenge head on by having professionals build and maintain web sites at an affordable cost. Our plan let's you do as much as you want on your own with personal support, or hand off custom design, copy writing, logo creation, and other tasks to our expert team.

In today's social world, you know a web site alone is not enough. Whether or not we host your web site, we can help with Search Engine Optimization, Google and Facebook Advertising, Social Media Management, and Online Reputation Management.

Wellness Coaching - Kathy Troidle Jackson

Kathy's journey to wellness began with a Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2010. It took her by surprise, but it didn't slow her down. Always the problem solver, Kathy took on the side effects that lead to early Menopause with the tools at hand. The usual hormone treatments were out because of the need to keep cancer at bay, so she reached out to friends and colleagues for support and guidance.

Today Kathy is healthy and loves to help other women overcome their struggles with hormones that effect weight loss and the enjoyment of life to the fullest.

There is a business behind what we do. We will invest in your success. Start working for yourself a few hours a week to gain control of your time and money.

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